Monday, 30 December 2013



  • 1.      The capacitor which totally blocks D.C not allowing it to reach output is called Blocking Capacitor
  • 2.      The magnitude of the ratio of output to input called Transfer Function
  • 3.      The average level of the output signal is always zero, under Steady State
  • 4.      Critical Resistance  is the value of  resistance which reduces square root term to zero
  • 5.      Damping Ratio is the indication of the opposition from the circuit to cause oscillations in its response
  • 6.      The Clipper Circuits are used to remove the unwanted portion
  • 7.      The forward resistance of diode is small and cut-in voltage is also small, the diode is assumed to be an Ideal Diode
  • 8.      The  diode with pieces of  straight lines, the name given to such approximation is PieceWise-Linear method
  • 9.      If there are two clipping levels they are known as Double Ended Clipper
  • 10.  When a transistor used as Switch , it is usually made to operate alternately
  • 11.  The Bistable Multi-Vibrators is used to drive the other circuits
  • 12.  The waveform at the emitters is more important in the Monoshot
  • 13.  The time required for the return to the initial value is called the Restoration Time
  • 14.  Sampling gate is also referred to as Transmission Gate

  • 15.  Sampling gate may be broadly classified as Uni-Directional or Bi-Directional


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