Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Comprehensive Viva Questions For AC

Comprehensive Viva Questions For AC

1.       Fiber Optical Cables  are used for light and infrared transmission
2.      Co-axial cabels provide greater Band Width, Lower Losses,  Lower Cross- Talk
3.      Multiplexing means transmission of two or more signals simultaneously
4.      The amount of change in carrier frequency  produced by the modulation is known as Frequency Deviation
5.      In pulse position modulation the position of periodic sequential pulses are varied
6.      In low level modulation technique the generation of AM signal takes place at Initial Stage of  amplification
7.      The balanced modulator circuit is used to suppress the carrier from the AM signal
8.     The Costas Loop is a method of obtaining a practical synchronous receiving system
9.      The filter method gives sideband suppression up to 50db
10.  Frequency of unmodulated sinusoidal carrier also termed as Center Frequency
11.   The modulated wave consist of anUnmodulated carrier and various amplitude modulated terms
12.  Some of the Bessel coefficients may have negative values
13.  Audio frequencies higher than 50hz will be attenuated in amplitude
14.  The variation of output voltage with frequency is known as the Discriminator Characteristics

15.   The ratio detector provides Amplitude Limitations


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