Friday, 27 December 2013

Comprehensive Viva Questions On Linear integrated Circuits


1.       Input resistance of practical op-amp is RF+R0/I+A0L
2.      Ideal op-amp is not dependent on Temperature
3.      In linear IC applications Negative Feedback is used
4.      Virtual ground means differential voltage is essentially Zero
5.      Integrator, Square wave generator produces more than one output functions
6.      All pass filter is also called as Delay Equalizer
7.      The 555 timer available in two package styles TO-99 and DIP
8.     The astablemultivibrator can be used to produce a Square Wave O/P
9.      The I to V convertors are used for Testing Photo Diodes
10.  Zero crossing detector is a comparator withVref=0
11.   Schmitt Trigger is a Comparator with positive feedback
12.  The switching power supply allows a decrease in Size and Cost
13.  Passive filters use Inductors
14.  Higher order filters are made by Cascading First and Second Order filters
15.   Dual Slope convertors are precise measurement of slowly varying signals


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