Wednesday, 25 December 2013


1.      Electric energy, Electric power Quantities has the same dimension in both electro magnetic and electrostatic systems.
2.      The type of time variation implied with reference to the field quantities in Maxwell’s equation is Both sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal.
3.      The dominant mode in a wave guide is characterized by Longest cut off wavelength.
4.      A microwave junction is supposed to be matched at all ports if in the S matrix All the diagonal elements are zero.
5.      Microwave antenna aperture efficiency depends on Antenna aperture.
6.      The semiconductor diode which can be used in switching circuits at microwave range is PIN diode.
7.      TM10 mode of transmission will not be supported by a rectangular wave guide.
8.      A disadvantage of microsripes with respect to stripe line circuits is that the former are more likely to radiate.
9.      Short-term fading in microwave communication links can be overcome by Disversity reception and transmission.
10.  Folded dipole, parabolic reflector, helical antennas are frequency independent.
11.  Gunn diode is a transferred electron device.
12.  A wave guide section in a microwave circuit will act as a High pass filter.
13.   “double-minimum” method is relevant to the measurement of High VSWR.
14.  Radiation from a helical antenna is Circularly polarised.
15.  When the phase velocity of an electromagnetic wave depends on frequency in any medium the phenomenon is called Polarization.

16.  HEMT used in the microwave circuit Low noise amplifier.


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