Thursday, 26 December 2013

Comprehensive Viva Questions On EDC

Comprehensive Viva Questions On EDC

1.                In PN junction under reverse biasing condition small current will flow. What is that current?    Reverse saturation current because of minority carriers.
2.               Theoretical ripple factor for half wave rectifier is 1.21 .
3.               Why silicon has high forbidden energy gap compared to germanium?  Silicon size is less compared to germanium
4.               SCR is Bidirectional switch.
5.               FET is said to beUnipolardevice.
6.               The bridge rectifier requires 4diodes.
7.               The maximum efficiency of the full-wave rectifier is    81.2%.
8.              The maximum efficiency of a half-wave rectifier is     40.6%.
9.               The process of adding impurity is Doping.
10.           The triggering signals used in a CRO isSawtoothWaveform.
11.            The missing electron in a valance band leaves a vacant space there. This   is known as Hole.
12.           The region on the frequency response of an amplifier where the voltage gain remains constant is referred to  Mid-band frequency region.
13.           For small signal amplification, a transistor is biased in  Active region.
14.           A transistor is biased for amplification in Linear region.

15.            The unit of the electric field intensity is    volts/mt


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