Saturday, 28 December 2013


1.      The counter type is Direct type of ADC.
2.      Subtractors are designed using Adder ICs.
3.      Square wave outputs are generated when the Op-amp is forced to operate in the saturation region.
4.      10 FFs are required to build a binary counter circuit to count from 0 to 1023.
5.      The DACs use level amplifiers to account for variations in logic levels.
6.      Bidirectional shift register allows shifting of data either to the left or right.
7.      In 741 Op-amp 24 transistors are used.
8.      Clip-off a certain portion of the input signal is called clippers.
9.      Regenerative comparator is called Schmitt trigger.
10.  Voltage control oscillator is a free running multi- vibrator.
11.  Phase detection is most important part in the PLL system.
12.  In voltage follower output voltage is equal to input voltage.
13.  In integrated circuits all the components are fabricated on the same chip.
14.  Linear ICs are available in the flat pack, metal can and dual-in-time package.

15.  A feedback amplifier is sometimes referred to as a closed loop amplifier.


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