Friday, 27 December 2013


  • 1.      The communication channel is the medium by which the electronic signals is transmitted
  • 2.      At low frequencies radiation  is poor and  signal gets highly attenuated
  • 3.      In pulse modulation the carrier consist of a periodic sequence of rectangular pulses
  • 4.      Another way to produce angle modulation is Phase Modulation
  • 5.      The group modulator provides four carriers at 84khz, 96khz, 108khz and 120khz
  • 6.      In switching modulator multiplication operation is replaced by simple switching operation
  • 7.      When two signals passed through a Non-Linear resistance, the AM signal is generated with suppressed carrier
  • 8.      The generation  and reception of SSB signal is a complex process
  • 9.      Filter methods are Bulky
  • 10.  Phase modulation is defined as the method of Angular Modulation
  • 11.  The sideband distribution is Symmetrical
  • 12.  In AM, the sidebands power and total transmitted power increases with the Depth Of Modulation
  • 13.  The main requirement of the frequency modulator is Variable O/P Frequency
  • 14.  The Foster-Seeley descriminator is Sensitive to input amplitude
  • 15.  The phase locked loop is a Negative Feedback system


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