Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Comprehensive Viva Questions On Digital Integrated Circuits


1.       The subtraction of binary can be done most conveniently by means of Complement
2.      The ALU require one or two Operands upon which it operates and produces result
3.      One bit memory cell has Two Stable States
4.      It is possible to convert One Flip Flop to Another Flip Flop with addition of some Logic Gates
5.      Propagation Delay is time required to change the output after application of the input
6.      Down counters are not as widely used as UP counter
7.      All the flip flops are not clocked simultaneously in Asynchronous Counters
8.     Frequency Counter is a circuit that can measure and display the frequency of a signal
9.      PLL is capable of achieving both a frequency lock and phase lock
10.  The counter-type ADC is used to read Direct-Coupled voltage
11.   The dual-slope integrating type ADC, the output is independent of the Tolerance of the passive components R and C
12.  Demultiplexers generally provides single input and multiple output type of conversion
13.  Subtractor’s are designed using Adder IC’s
14.  If all the flip flops are triggered by the same clock in a counter, then the counter is Synchronous Counter
15.   When S=1 and R=0 for any value of present state the flip flop is said to be Set


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