Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Comprehensive Viva Questions On STLD

Ece Comprehensive Viva Questions On STLD 

1.       BCD code means writing the decimal numbers in binary number system
2.      Cyclic codes are called Unit Distance codes
3.      AND gate is called an all or nothing gate
4.      All logic gates have ONE output
5.      The cost of a circuit is measured interms of the Number of Inputs
6.      An n variable K-map can have 2ncells or squares
7.      Time Multiplexing and Frequency Multiplexing are the two types of multiplexing
8.     A Decoder identifies or recognizes or detects a particular code
9.      A 16*5 ROM contains 4*16 decoder
10.  The Fuse Blowing process is called programming
11.   In a Static shift register, the data stored in stationary
12.  Dynamic MOS registers are used in pocket calculators
13.  A sequential machine is another name of Sequential Circuits
14.  Each vertex in the sub graph belongs to One State
15.   Unconditional outputs are Mealy type


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