Tuesday, 31 December 2013


  • 1.      Microwaves have large band widths compared to common bands
  • 2.      Fading effect due to variation in the transmission medium is more effective at low frequencies
  • 3.      EM waves are oscillations that propagate through free space
  • 4.      The TEM waves are propagated equally in all directions if the source is a point source
  • 5.      Series junction is also known as E-Plane TEE
  • 6.      The spherical TEM wave is known as a plane wave
  • 7.      Electric and Magnetic fields are purely transverse to the direction of propagation
  • 8.      Transmission lines can also be used as Circuit Elements
  • 9.      The magnitude of standing wave can be measured interms of Standing Wave Ratio
  • 10.  The TWT is an O-Type device
  • 11.  The magnetron is a self contained Microwave Oscillator
  • 12.  IMPATT is an abbreviation form of Impact Ionization Avalanche Transit Time
  • 13.  Two modes of negative resistance devices are Voltage Controlled Mode and Current Controlled Mode
  • 14.  Bolometer is also known as Square Law Device
  • 15.  In low VSWR measurement, value of VSWR is less than 10


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