Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Comprehensive Viva Questions On AWP

Comprehensive Viva Questions On AWP

1.       Modulation may be defined as a process by which any characteristics of a wave is varied as a function
2.      The boundary sphere between antenna region and free space region appears as opaque
3.      Lord Kelvin devised a method known as the IMAGE METHOD
4.      The magnetic flux tubes are Continuous
5.      Fraday’s law gives the e.m.f induced in a closed circuit due to change of magnetic flux
6.      A homogeneous medium is that medium in which the quantities are constant
7.      Different parts of radiation pattern referred to as LOBES
8.     Directive gain depend entirely on the distribution ofRadiative Power in Space
9.      An antenna array is said to be Linear
10.  The minor lobes just adjacent to the main lobe arecalled Side Lobes
11.   The vertical radiator may be either Vertical Wire or Metallic Mast
12.  Beverage or wave antenna is a non-resonant antenna
13.  The field distribution in vertical plane of a vertical grounded radiator depends upon the Height
14.  V Antenna provides Multi Band Operation

15.   The Rhombic Antenna is based on the principle of Travelling Wave Radiator


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