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The Possible Viva questions in OOP Lab

The Possible Viva questions in OOP Lab

1. What is object? How the object can be declared in C++ ? How it is initialized in C++ ?

2. Why C++ is known as object oriented programming? List any other languages which support OOP

3. What are the different access types of data members and function members?

4. What are the difference between following access types in C++ Class:

private and public
private and protected
protected and public

5. What is the Difference between cout and printf statements in C++ ? (similarly, cin and scanf)

6. What is the meaning behind the operator "<<" used in cout and the operator ">>" used in cin statements in C++ ?

7. What is the difference between endl and "\n" in C++ ?

8. what is the role of inline function and friend function ?

9. What is the difference between structure data type and class data type in C++ ?

10. What is the operator overloading ? What is the function overloading ?

11. What is the use of "this" pointer in C++ ?

12. What is the role of scope resolution operator ?

13. What is the role of constructor? what is the role of Destructor? What is Default constructor? What is the copy constructor? What is parameterized constructor? (Refer page # 130 to # 133 in C++ Primer by Lippman III Edition)

14. "More than one constructors can be allowed in C++. and more than one destructor can be allowed in C++ class"    ---   True or false and Why?

15. What is the generic function? How it can be declared in C++ ? Any Example.

16. Explain the differences between the following two statements in C++ :

(Refer page # 87 in "C++ Primer" by Lippman III edition).

i) extern string name; and ii) extern vector<string> students;

string name("exercise 3.5a"); vector <string> students;

17. What is the role of "new" and "delete" operator in C++ ?

18. What do you mean by "Data Hiding" ?

19. Define the following: i) encapsulation ii) Abstraction.

20. Differentiate between procedure oriented and object oriented programming.

Give the language example for Procedure Oriented Programming and OOP.

21. What is Inheritance? give example. How the inheritance can be declared in C++ ?

22. What are the different types of inheritance ? Explain each.

23. What is Polymorphism ? Give example. How Polymorphism can be used in C++ ?


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