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Important objectives of Computer Architecture 1

Important objectives of Computer Architecture (1-30)

1-An address used by programmers in a system supporting virtual memory concept is called virtual address and the set of such addresses are called address space.

2-The method for updating the main memory as soon as a word is removed from the Cache is called- write-back

3-A control character is sent at the beginning as well as at the end of each block in the   synchronous-transmission in order to-Supply information needed to separate the incoming bits into individual character.

4-In a non-vectored interrupt, the address of interrupt service routine is -Assigned to a fixed memory location.

5-Divide overflow is generated when-Sign of the dividend is same as that of divisor.

6-Which method is used for resolving data dependency conflict by the compiler Itself-Delayed load.

7-Stack overflow causes-Internal interrupt.

8-Arithmetic shift left operation-Produces the same result as obtained with logical shift left operation. For Examp-

9-Zero address instruction format is used for-Stack-organized architecture.

10-Address symbol table is generated by the-assembler.

11-The negative numbers in the binary system can be represented by-2's complement

13-ABCD - seven segment decoder / driver in connected to an LED display.

Which segments are illuminated for the input code DCBA = 0001. A)b, c

14-How many flip-flops are required to produce a divide-by-32 device? 5

15-The content of a 4-bit register is initially 1101. The register is shifted 2 times to the right with the serial input being 1011101. What is the content of the register after each shift?- 1110, 0111

16-How many different addresses are required by the memory that contain 16K words?- 16,384

17-What is the bit storage capacity of a ROM with a 512' 4-organization?- 2048  

18-DMA interface unit eliminates the need to use CPU registers to transfer data From-Memory to I/O units

19-How many 128 x 8 RAM chips are needed to provide a memory capacity of  2048 bytes?-16

20-Which of the following is a self complementing code?-8421

21-Which gate can be used as anti-coincidence detector?-XOR

22-Which of the following technology can give high speed RAM?- ECL

23-In 8085 microprocessor how many I/O devices can be interfaced in I/O mapped I/O technique?- 
           256 input devices & 256 output devices.

24-After reset, CPU begins execution of instruction from memory address-0000H

25-Which is true for a typical RISC architecture?- Micro programmed control unit.

26-When an instruction is read from the memory, it is called-Fetch cycle

27-Which activity does not take place during execution cycle?- Branch address is calculated & 
Branching conditions are checked.

28-A circuit in which connections to both AND and OR arrays can be programmed is called-RAM

29-If a register containing data (11001100)2 is subjected to arithmetic shift left operation, then the content of the register after 'ashl' shall be-(10011000)2

30-Which logic is known as universal logic? NAND logic.


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