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Data Communication & Computer Networks(DCCN) Very Important Questions For External Exams

Data Communication & Computer Networks(DCCN) Very Important Questions For External Exams
Assignment Questions:

1.a) Define Data Communication . Explain various components of data communication system Compare various categories of Network topologies.
b) What are the key elements of a protocol? List out various standard organization that develop protocol standards.

2)Discuss the function of various layers of OSI Model and compare with TCP/ IP Model.

3) Explain the following terms
i) Throughput
ii) Latency
iii) Bandwidth delay Product
iv) Jitter.

4)Explain Digital to analog Conversion ,Analog to Digital in Digital Transmisison


1.a) Compare ADSL, VDSL, HDSL and SDSL Technologies.
b) Explain the operation of cable TV Networks.
c) Describe Major components of a Telephone Network.
d) Give the Services provided by Telephone Network.

2. Explain and compare the characteristics of Guided and unguided Transmission media.

3. Distinguish between synchronous and Asynchronous Time division Multiplexing.

4. Compare circuit switching and Packet switching techniques.


1. a) Describe Error detection and Error Correction with methods.
b) Explain function and frame formats of MAC and physical layers of IEEE 802.11.

2. a) What are the functions of data link layer? Explain stop & wait Protocol.
b) Describe Architecture and layers of Bluetooth.

3. Describe the frame formats of HDLC Protocol.

4. a) Explain and compare the performance of Random access protocols.
b) Give the characteristics of TDMA, FDMA and CDMA


1.a) Explain the function of various Inter connecting devices.
b) Explain Virtual Lans

2.a) Explain Architecture , Layers and frame format of SONET.
b) Compare 1st and 2nd and 3rd generation of Cellular Telephony. [15

3.a) What are Back bone Networks? Explain.
b) Explain the operation of Linear, Mesh and Ring SONET Networks.

4.a) Compare the features of Frame relay & ATM Networks
b) Describe Architecture and Layers of ATM Networks.


1.a) Compare IPV4 and IPV6.
b) Discuss IGMP messages and its formats.
c) What is multicast routing? Explain.

2. a) Discuss ICMP Protocol.
b) Explain Distance Vector and link state routing Protocols.

3. Explain any 3 Unicast Routing Protocls.

4. Explain Flooding,Dijkstra;s Shortest path Routing.


1.a) Explain and compare various techniques used to improve QOS.
b) Compare Integrated & Differential Services.

2.a) What is Quality of Service ? Explain.
b) Give the features of various types of data traffic.

3.a) What are the Services and application of TCP? Compare TCP and UDP Protocol.
b) What is Congestion? Explain the causes and effects of congestion.
C)Explain any TWO Congestion control mechanisms


1a) Give DNS Message types and its header format.
b) Explain File Transfer Protocol.

2.a) Explain name – address and address – name resolution process.
b) Discuss commands and responses used in SMTP.

3.a) Explain the modes of operation of TELNET.
b) Explain the process of transferring a mail message.


1.Explain i) HTTP ii) Voice over IP.

2.Explain i) Simple Network Management Protocol.(SNMP) ii) RTP.

3.Explain i) Network Management System. ii) Streaming Live Audio / Video.

4.Explain i) Web documents ii) Audio & Video Compare


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