Sunday, 20 April 2014

DBMS – Important Questions

DBMS – Important Questions And Easy Units For Final Exams 

DBMS – Important Questions – Unit-1

1. Write short notes on DBMS. (10 Marks)
2. Write advantages and disadvantages of DBMS. (8 Marks)
3. Write short notes in DBMS architecture. (5 Marks)
4. Compare traditional file organization approach and database approach. (5 Marks)
5. Write short notes on data models. (10 Marks)
6. Describe schemas and instances. (5 Marks)
7. What is data independence? (10 Marks)
8. Write short notes on data abstraction. (5 Marks)
9. What are the functions of DBA? (10 Marks)
10. What is a key? Explain types of keys. (10 Marks)

DBMS – Important Questions – Unit-3

1. Write short notes on Normalization. Explain with its types.
2. Write short notes on 1NF. How is it achieved?
3. Write short notes in BCNF. How is it achieved?
4. What is functional dependency?
5. What is loseless decomposition?
6. What is 3NF? Explain with example.
7. What is multivalued dependency?
8. What is query optimization? Write down its steps.
9. What is heuristic optimization?

DBMS – Important Questions – Unit-4

Write down ACID properties.
Write short notes on transaction control statements.
Write down various steps of transaction.
Explain searializability.
What is timestamp? Define timestamp protocol.
Write short notes on object oriented database.

DBMS – Important Questions – Unit-5

Explain RDBMS. Explain its architecture.
What is Oracle. Explain its architecture.
Explain the following:a. Table spaces
b. Blocks
c. Extents
d. Segments
What are dedicated servers?
What are distributed systems and distributed databases? Write down its advantages and disadvantages.
What is data fragmentation, replication and allocation techniques?
What is PL/SQL?
What are cursor and trigger?
What are stored procedures?


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