Monday, 14 April 2014

Computer Architecture and Organization Important Questions FOR III YEAR ECE STUDENTS

Computer Architecture and Organization Important Questions FOR III YEAR ECE STUDENTS 


1. Define addressing mode. Classify addressing modes and explain each type with example
2. Explain the architecture of basic computer with neat diagram.
3. Design a combination circuit whose input is a 4-bit number and whose output is a two’s compliment of the input number.


1. Describe in detail booth's multiplication algorithms and its hardware implementation.
2. With suitable diagram explain how multiplication can be performed using a multistage carry-save adder circuit and also implementation of a pipelined carry-save multiplier.
3. Draw non-restoring division algorithm for unsigned integer with suitable example.


1.Describe various factors that reduce the performance of pipelined CPU and mechanism to overcome it?
2. What are superscalar processors? Explain the typical structure of a typical superscalar processor?
3 . Describe the organization of a typical micro-programmed control unit with the help of a neat diagram.


1. Draw the neat sketch of memory hierarchy and explain the need of cache memory
2. Explain the organization of magnetic disk in detail.
3. Explain optical memories in detail.
4. Explain the organization of Random access memories


1. Explain the Programmed I/O and DMA mode of data transfer.
2. Define Interrupt. Explain it types in detail
3. Explain the DMA mode of data transfer.


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