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Important Objective Question For Internet & Web Techonolgy

Important Objective Question For Internet & Web Techonolgy

1-A header in CGI script can specify- Format of the document & New location of the document.

2- All exception in Java are sub classes of built in class called Throwable.

3- In 32 bit IP Addressing scheme all 1’s represent limited broadcast.

4- DMSP stands for – Distributed Mail system Protocol.

5- Presentation layer is not present in TCP/ IP Model .

6- Left Most segment of a name in DNS represents- Individual computer

7- Address belongs to class C.

8- The term byte stuf fing refers to data stuffing used wi th character -oriented


9- FDDI is an example of token ring.

10- Hardware that calculates CRC uses shift register and X or unit .

11- In TCP protocol header checksum is of 16 bits.

12- In IP addressing scheme, class used for multicasting is class D.

13- CIDR stands for Classless Inter Domain Routing.

14- The total number of class of IP addresses are 5.

15- Parent class of al l Java classes is java. lang.object .

16- Exceptions of type error in JAVA are handled by JAVA run time


17- Error detecting method that can detect more errors without increasing

additional information in each packet is CRC.

18- MTU is specified by hardware technology.

19- Network address prefixed by 1110 is a multicast address.

20- FTP does not use User Datagram Protocol .

21- A header in CGI document can represent format of the document and the

location if document used to different URL.

22- is a loop-back address.

23- In cyclic redundancy checking CRC is the remainder.

24- Gateway uses the greatest number of layer s in the OSI model .

25- 802.5 standards provides for a collision free protocol .

26- The addressing specially used by transport layer is application port address.

27- ICMP is an error reporting protocol .

28- Active web document is run at client side.

29- The main function of a browser is to interpret HTML.

30- MIB is associated with SNMP.

31- ATM is an example of- Star topology

32- The first part of the address in electronic mai lbox ident ifies:- User’s mail Inbox.

33- Protocol used to monitor and control network devices operates at :- Applicat ion layer .

34- DHCP stands for- Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol .

35- The transport protocol used by TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol ) is: UDP.


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