Sunday, 27 April 2014

Java programming IMPORTANT QUESTIONS For Final Exams

Java programming Important Questions For Final Exams

Unit I-V

1. Explain briefly the following object oriented concepts.
2. What is constructor? What is the use of constructors?
3. Explain arrays in java.
4. Explain in detail about static method and its initialization.
6. What is a Package? What are the benefits of using packages? Write down the steps in creating a package and using it in a java program with an example.
7. Explain about static and dynamic binding with example programs?
8. Differentiate between interfaces and abstraction classes with example programs?
10. What is the use of Reflection give one example program using all methods?
11. Write a program to draw all shapes (line, rectangle, polygon ,circle and oval ) using AWT?

12. what is object cloning ? why it is needed? Explain how objects are cloned
and Explain the types of cloning with an example program?

13. Explain the properties of Proxy class and explain proxy class methods
14. With a neat diagram explain the Model view controller design pattern and list out the advantages and disadvantages of using it in designing an application.
15. Explain action event with an example?
16. List out the components in swings and explain any 4 components?

17. What is Generic programming and why is it needed? List the limitations
and restrictions of generic programming.18. Explain how to create threads. Write a java program that prints numbers
from 1 to 10 line by line after every 5 seconds.19. Write short notes on what threads are and the thread states and properties
20. Draw the exception hierarchy in java and explain with examples throwing and catching exceptions and the common exceptions


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