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Faculty: Sanjay Kumar-Associate Professor-VITS

NOTE: The following are only guess questions, students advised to follow complete syllabus apart from these questions for external exam.

  1. Explain the nature & features of Management? 16M

  1. a) Explain the importance of Management? 8M
b) Explain Henri Fayol’s principles of Management? 8M

  1. Explain the principles of Organisation? 16M

  1. a) Explain FW Taylor’s ‘Functional Organisation’ structure with merits & demerits?                                                                                      8M
b) Explain modern trends in Organisational structure designs? 8M

  1. Explain the factors affecting the plant location?  16M

  1. Explain the differences between Job, Batch & Mass Production? 16 M

  1. Define SQC (Statistical Quality Control)? Explain Deming’s contribution to Quality (Hint: Deming’s 14 Points on SQC)?  16 M

  1. Explain the stages in PLC (Product Life Cycle)? 16 M

  1. Explain the/four strategies of Manpower Planning Process (or) Explain Succession, Staff Development, Recruitment & Redundancy Strategies of Manpower Planning Process? 16 M

  1. Explain Training Methods? (Hint: Write about Off Job On job training methods) 16 M

  1. Define Job Evaluation & explain the methods of Job Evaluation? 16 M

  1. Explain the steps involved in performance appraisal (Hint: Diagram must)? 16M

  1. Define PERT, CPM, NORMAL TIME, CRASH TIME, NORMAL COST, CRASH COST, EST, LST, EFT, LST, SLACK, FLOAT? (Hint: Understand the differences & relationships among the above terms) 16M

  1. Define Corporate Mission & Explain the characteristics of Mission Statement? 16 M

  1. Explain the Elements of Corporate Planning Process? 16 M

  1. Explain Environmental Scanning Process? 16 M

Hint for 14, 15, and 16 questions: Diagram must.



Learn the definitions of the following.
  1. MIS- Management Information Systems
  2. MRP- Materials Requirement Planning
  3. JIT- Just in Time
  4. EUC- End User Computing
  5. TQM- Total Quality management
  6. Six Sigma
  7. CMM- Capability Maturity Model
  8. Value Chain Analysis
  9. SCM- Supply Chain Management
  10. ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning
  11. BPO- Business Process Outsourcing
  12. BPR- Business Process Reengineering

Focus more on Six Sigma, TQM, SCM, and ERP in-detail as you may expect a question & they may ask very generic question about any Indian Company practicing these techniques.
(Hint: - Do Goggle to know Indian Companies practicing TQM, Six Sigma, SCM & ERP)

  1. Refer problems on X­ bar, R & C Charts. 16M

  1. Refer Problems on Networking & CPM. 16M


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