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Electrical Machines II

EE2302 Electrical Machines II Part B Expected Questions | 
EE 2302 EM -2 Part B (16 Marks) Expected Important Questions for EEE -5th Machines


1. Derive EMF equation of Alternator and derive expression for pitch factor & distribution Factor. (16) -Expected.
2.Explain the voltage regulation of alternator by EMF and MMF method. -expected. (16)
3.(i) Elaborate the discussion on capability curve with its boundaries of

synchronous machine. (8)
(ii) Discuss the parallel operation of two alternators with identical
speed/load characteristics (8)
4. PROBLEMS for EMF or MMF method -Expected *** (8)
5.. What is the effect of armature reaction at different power factors on synchronous machine? (16)
6.. Explain two reaction theory of synchronous machine. How can Xd and Xq be determined? -expected .

Unit -2

1. Explain the working of synchronous motor with different excitations? - expected
2. Explain the significance of V curve and inverted V curve -16 marks -expected
4. (i)describe the construction and principer of synchronous motor(ii)Discuss various methods starting synchronous motor -Expected
5. explain a)hunting b) synchronous condensor

Unit -3

1. Problems expected (8)

2.Explain about (i)Double cage induction motor (ii)Induction generator (10)
3. (i)Derive the torque equation of 3phase induction motor and deduce condition for maximum torque (8)
(ii) Explain Torque – Slip characteristics of 3phase induction motor (8)
4. Draw the equivalent circuit of induction motor and deduce the approximate equivalent circuit
5. Discuss different power stages of 3phase induction motor and derive the relation between P2,Pcu & Pm

Unit -4

1.Explain various methods of speed control from rotor side of an induction motor? (16)
2. Explain various methods of speed control from stator side of an induction motor? (16)

3. explain v/f control - expected
4. describe a)star – delta starter b) Auto transformer starter

******from above study 1st and 2nd questions all methods.*****

Unit -5

1. Explain the Double field revolving theory of operation of single phase induction motor (8)
2. Explain shaded pole induction motor with diagrams (8)
3. (i) Explain the principle and operation of AC series motor. (8)
(ii) Explain the principle and operation of reluctance motor and state
its applications. (8)


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